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Default KDE Direct - Goblin 500 Upgrade Battery Tray System!

KDE Direct have published a great video of their new battery tray system for the SAB Goblin 500. Patrick talks us through his concept, explaining the advantages of the new system over the old plastic system. We also get a sneak peek at how this new upgrade is made with a look at the CNC process, and then Patrick shows a step by step guide on how to install the new part with an installation walk through. Check out the details below, and then watch the video!


Price: $108.95, $131.95 w/ Battery Tray Upgrade
Material: Aluminum 6061-T6, AISI 1095 Blue-Tempered HC Spring Steel
Models: all SAB Heli Division Goblin 500 series.

The Battery Tray System is sold with or without the Battery Tray Upgrade by using the pull-down menu above. Additional trays can be purchased for multiple flight-packs and direct compatibility.

Note: the Battery Tray System Assembly provides the best support for the LiPos during flight, with an ultra-light and high-strength frame design that provides exceptional support and holding-strength for the LiPos. The Assembly uses an innovative and Patent Pending locking mechanism for fast and hassle-free installation and removal of the LiPos. In addition, the new assembly replaces the entire Main Frame subassembly, providing a far improved strength and stiffness to the helicopter for in-flight control and crash worthiness. No modifications are needed to the frames for easy, drop-in fit installation.

- One (1) Goblin 500 Series Battery Tray System Assembly
- One (1) Goblin 500 Series Aluminum Battery Tray System Primary Base Frame
- One (1) Goblin 500 Series Aluminum Battery Tray System Push Lock Lever
- Two (2) Goblin 500 Series Aluminum Battery Tray System Servo Mount Tabs
- One (1) Goblin 500 Series Battery Tray System Spring Steel Plate (AISI 1095 BTHC)
- Two (2) Flanged Radial Ball Bearings 3 x 6 x 2.5 mm
- Three (3) M3 x 0.5 x 6 mm Button Head Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
- Two (2) M2.5 x 0.45 x 6 mm Button Head Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
- Three (3) M2.5 x 0.45 x 4 mm Button Head Socket Head Cap Screws (Class 12.9 BP Alloy Steel)
- One (1) M3 x 8 mm Flat Washer (Cadmium-Plated Alloy Steel)
- Two (2) M3 x 4.8 x 0.3 mm Round Hole Shims (18-8 Stainless Steel)
- One (1) Goblin 500 Series Aluminum Battery Tray Upgrade (When Included)
- Three (3) KDE Direct LiPo Retaining Straps

Clear anodize, mirror-polish CNC gloss Primary Base Frame
Clear hard-anodize (teflon-impregnation), mirror-polish CNC gloss Push Lock Lever

102 g (design is FEA optimized for maximum strength and minimum weight)

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The guests at the party can get to watch, a highly advanced remote control pilot, perform impressive air tricks with the remote control helicopters. The person, who will be navigating the remote control helicopter, should be able to do so without injuring those who will be watching the RC helicopter.

ESky Lama V5
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