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Default SDSHobby Exclusive Sale:Conversion Kit for 30-35CC RC Gas AirPlane Convert to Electri

Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Converted to Electric Airplane, yet the best Conversion component now Exclusive Sale on sdshobby.net

Application Fields:
Special made for 30-35CC gasoline airplane converted to electric airplane.
3inch spinner are designed for the general 30-35CC airplanes.

Basic Equipment for the Conversion Combo Kit:
* Motor: 6350 370KV Brushless motor
* ESC: Brushless 100A (without UBEC output)
* Spinner: Carbon Fiber Spinner 3inch, 1pcs
* Electric Prop: Wood propeller 20*8 inch
*Servo: Digital Servo 60g/9Kg Torque* 3pcs,
Digital Servo 25g/4Kg Torque * 2pcs, (for elevator)
* Servo Arm: metal arm*5pcs
* One Set Mounting Post for Motor
*One Set Banana Bullet Connector: ¢3.5mm*3 pairs, ¢6mm*2 pairs

Why Converted model with gas engines to electric motors?
*There are a lot more kits designed for gas power than for electric power. Face it!
*Nearly any gas plane can be converted to electric power effectively. Thatís Fine!
*There are many pilot have been flying and building radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars for near half life. I have been specifically building and flying electric airplanes for over 10 years. Latest interest, follow it!
*This has been more realistic to do lately because of the huge leap in battery technology and it has been a very fun way to still make balsa kit planes from scratch, but not worry about any gas problems. Trust it!

Here's an idea of what to look for:
Type of plane: Any plane with 'plenty of wing' makes an excellent choice for conversion since the wing loading will still be reasonable even if the plane turns out a little heavy. If the plane will fly at high speeds (i.e. a sport-aerobatic design or pylon racer), a low drag design is desirable. Simply put, an effective electric plane is one that flies nicely at 1/3 to 1/2 throttles.
Type of construction: Most gas planes are hideously overbuilt. Many popular 'easy to build' kits make use of heavy plywood fuselage sides etc where it is not needed or wanted in an electric. Some kit designs are better than others.
If you have a basic understanding of how model planes work, this process is straightforward. It is important that you understand the basics of power-to-weight ratios and balance points

It's obviously can sure that there are some Gasoline Airplane excellent choice for conversion, one of them is the classical sbach 30-35CC Gasoline airplanes, and sdshobby make a another deal for rc model enthusiast-- Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Sbach Series Converted to Electric Airplane
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