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Default New Design RC Eagle Kite on Hobby Expo China 2012

RC Eagle Kite is pretty much what it sounds like. That is, a kite shaped like a big eagle fitted with RC (radio control) receiver and pulled through the air with a propeller. In structure, it has a lot in common with kites and yet it is flown around like an RC plane.

Flying objects created from eagle in the past is constructed of carbon fiber has an angle of the wings right to exploit the wind. That is still enjoy an enthusiastic following today, particularly in the U.S. .But today the New Style RC Eagle Kite we recommend is sure the Most Realistic RC Eagle

New Style RC Eagle Kite is just the best expose on Hobby Expo China 2012, and well, my first reaction to this flying object is “That really looks like fun”

So what exactly can an RC kite do? It can...
*Float around like a glider, with the motor idling
*Perform all the basic aerobatic maneuvers like a light aircraft
*Hang on the prop' in hovering or very slow flight, nose high in the air
*Zip around pylons like the Red Bull racers
*I should add, only a well-trained pilot can do all the above!

Here is a few basic specs &Features of this New Style RC Eagle Kite:
*Wingspan: 2060mm
*Length: 740mm
* Wing area: 93d㎡
*Flying weight: Approximately 645g
* Control distance: 500m-800m
* Fuselage & wings: Bamboo wood & Textile

*Nice appearance. High scale appearance and beautiful painting, Most Realistic RC eagle!
*Environment friendly material and Durable, lighter structure.
* Wings and Motor mount is removable and foldable, Very convenient to carry.
* Easy to control and fly, Easy to learn and control
*Excellent gliding performance
Particularly suitable for flying at the hill, grassland, field and park etc…

The New Style RC Eagle Kite is NOW available and on sale at SDSHOBBY for the most low price. (ARF for us$ 125.83; RTR for us$ 166.67, hand throttle are optional), it is sure this Most Realistic RC eagle kite will spread a lot of pleasure to both the fliers and those looking on.
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Watch this!!!
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I don't see any rotor blades on that thing lol
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