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Old 07-13-2011, 01:06 PM   #1
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Default What to bring to IRCHA?...

SO what to bring to IRCHA?

Will have the cameras for sure, so I can bring you all daily updates!

Sunscreen! Don't want to get burned while I'm bringing you daily coverage!

TRex? In case I get to fly in between bringing you daily coverage!

Did I mention that I will be bringing you daily coverage?

Maybe a pop up tent too?...
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Jim T. Graham
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I suggest:
No joke. Running around a hot field for days can bring you down!
A cooler with bottles of water.
Beef jerky when there is no lunch or time in sight.
Extra SD cards.
CrackRoll Stickers.
A good wireless card or a hotel with great wireless.
A bandana for the sweat. I'm always thankful I have mine.
Good shoes. I wear hiking boots.
Cell phone back up battery by Ryobi. I bought this and it has saved my bacon:
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Collective Pitch
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If you can't get the anitmonkeybutt stuff, the yellow bottle of Gold Bond powder works great. Working at a summer camp in 2005 in central NC, we lived by it. Kept ya cool and dry.
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