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Default Technical question

I know this is a little off topic. Years ago I had a Big Bear 4x4 truck with a Futaba 27MHZ pistol style radio. Is it possible to buy a 2.4GHZ receiver for the Truck and use one of the three E flite radio transmitters I have lying around. I am a newbie to this whole rc helicopter thing. I now have two E flite helis an MCX and an MSRX both of which I have now been flying for a month and a half as well as practicing on a Realflight 6.5 simulator and out to the gymnasium of the local high school. I also fly an E flite Ember plane and have them all bound to a DX6I Transmitter. I want to get the truck working again to give to my grandson who saw it in my garage and fell in love with it. There is nothing wrong with it and it only needs a transmitter and receiver. I do realize the controls are a little different but why waste three perfectly good transmitters.
Cheers Dee
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You could with a compatible receiver but it would be odd to drive it. Setup break at low stick and steering off aileron. I am not sure those little batman type radios bind to anything except e-flite boards though. You might have servo binding issues you can't resolve though where steering or throttle goes too far.. Hmmmm on second thought probably not practical
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Thanks HeliSmith for your reply. I managed to find a cheap 27MHZ two channel Futaba with a steering wheel for $5 off Kijiji.
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High long-term operational cost. Nitro engines need a lot of fuel and nitro glow fuel costs much more than gasoline or JET A fuel.
Additional starting equipment needed. i.e. glow plugs, glow drivers, power panels, etc.

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