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Default Goblin 500 Build Videos

Crackroll member Courtney2018 has been posting some awesome videos of the new Goblin 500 from SAB Heli Division. There is a lot of excitement over the new 500, and judging from some of the flights I've seen with it I don't think it will disappoint! Thanks for posting, and enjoy the vids everyone!

Here's what Courtney had to say:

Hi everyone!

I put together a build video for those that might be interested in the Goblin 500. It's a series of pictures from start to finish of the Goblin 500 build with some video snippets mixed in. I also show the electronic components that I used for the Goblin 500.

I know a few people had questions on other forums with components and such, so maybe seeing one built will help those few make decisions on what to use when the kit comes in.

I have some other videos that I will be loading up in the coming days and weeks on the Goblin 500 as well if anyone is interested.

Here's the build video. Enjoy!

I uploaded a video of Bert Kammerer introducing the Goblin 500 with a flight that displays the agility, power, and capability of the helicopter. This video was mostly shot at the 2012 Port St. Lucie Heli Smackdown with some other footage from the 2012 Orlando Helicopter Blowout.


If you are interested in the SAB Goblin 500 check out the video below: "The Unboxing Of The Goblin 500: A Detailed Look". This video gives you a first-hand look at what's in the box, the parts that make it up, as well as the components chosen for the build.

I take almost everything out of each box and get a close-up look at it all, so you can see what to expect if you get a kit. If you've built a Goblin from the ground up you may remember that the canopy box contains the canopy as well as the blade holder. The foam box contains the hardware, which consists of the main drive train, the aluminum trays that the drive train connects to, the head assembly as well as the tail assembly. The parts box contains all the bolts, nuts, washers, pulleys, misc. parts and Velcro. The tail boom box contains the tail boom, blades and carbon tail push rod.

Although this is a Pre-Production kit, the retail kit will probably be very similar in size and contain basically the same things shown in the video. The idea of this video is to show you what you can expect to get in your kit, as well as the component choices that I made to go in the build - some of which are recommended by SAB.

Enjoy the video!

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