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Archive for August, 2011
89 Attachment(s) Thunder Tiger Titan X50 - Build Thread
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 08-22-2011 @ 11:07 PM / 75,597 Views / 50 Comments ( Multi-page thread 1 2 3 4 ) / Reply
This will be my little informal build thread for the Titan X50 I'll be reviewing. I always take a ton of photos, and can't always squeeze them all into the one review, so this will be where I'll post them!

The Titan X50 was announced at IRCHA last year (2010) and the first version released was the belt driven variant. This is the torque tube version, that was released later, and has a number of upgrades over the original aside from the TT tail. This version has an all metal head, as well as a single piece machined aluminum tail gear box.

You know for years the Thunder Tiger Raptor dominated flying fields and fly ins, until Align released their T-Rex line of helis. With this new design from Thunder Tiger, and with Hobbico now distributing the kit, you can bet that the Titan will give the T-Rex a run for its money!

I'll be running a Redline .56 with O.S. powerboost muffler, GY701 gyro/governor, and Futaba BLS-251 tail servo and 253 cyclic servos. Like Steve (who is doing the Raptor G4 build thread), I also got to drool a little over the X50 at IRCHA and the Thunder Tiger team put on a heck of a show with it. Now that my workebench has been cleared I can begin!

Enough talk, on to the pics!

Cool artwork on the box:

Subdivided Compartments:

Instruction manual (with additional decals in the back):

Goodies to make it go!

All of the major bagged components:

Purty, pre-painted fiberglass caonpy:

Clear, illustrated exploded views showing assembly:

And of course, the X50 promotional video:
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