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CSpaced's blog
Archive for February, 2011
6 Attachment(s) RCA Chaos 600 Pro Review
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 02-28-2011 @ 01:36 PM / 53,372 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
I've posted up a review on the Chaos 600 Pro form R/C Aerodyne up on RCGroups..

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MySQL, MyPHP, and MY headache.
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 02-23-2011 @ 11:07 AM / 51,907 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
This past week I've been working on a few different websites. Its funny, when I do this kind of work I get sucked into a time warp where all the days merge together and I end up spending enormous amounts of time staring at the screen.

The first site was built from scratch, and needed a shopping cart. No problem, there is enough free stuff available on the web to do it. A couple of days later and we have a usable site with functioning cart.

The second site was more involved. It was using way old software to run the site, an even older forum, and it all had to be brought up to date without losing any data. There were several versions of the software between where we were at, and where we wanted to go. I ended up manually exporting/importing a lot of the database files, designed a new template, and successfully brought across all the users/articles/forum data without losing a thing. I tested it all on a local server first, so that when I ran the live site installation the down time was only an hour.

Not bad for an untrained hack :clap:

What really irked me, was that some servers are using a newer version of PHP which renders the "TYPE=MyISAM" command obsolete, it has been replaced with "ENGINE=MyISAM". I was getting errors all over the place at first, and I had to hunt down and change the scripts to get it all to work. I dunno why they would need to change the command like that, but I guess they have their reasons.

Anyhow, its all done now, and the irony is that while I was glued to the screen the weather was beautiful, and now that I'm done we are expecting rain and cold temperatures again.... *sigh*
1 Attachment(s) Bring on Spring!
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 02-11-2011 @ 04:25 PM / 52,151 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
I can feel the warmer weather trying to break out :D . So my Wife and I headed to the field for a half hour break and got the Chaos back in the air. That is one sweet machine! I had a good four flights on it before heading home again, with "straighten up and fly right" being sung out of the radio by the Andrews Sisters......

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1 Attachment(s) Charge!
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 02-05-2011 @ 08:43 PM / 51,878 Views / 5 Comments / Reply
Looks like we are getting another half decent day tomorrow as far as the weather, so I'm topping up the batts in advance! I tell ya, if that Hitec X4 charger had an AC adapter, I'd be on it like mud on a mountain bike!
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