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CSpaced's blog
Archive for January, 2011
1 Attachment(s) The weather God smiled down upon me...
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 01-31-2011 @ 10:17 PM / 51,037 Views / 3 Comments / Reply
Not to get religious or anything, but we were given a beautiful day yesterday! In this month of snow, ice, and freezing rain, something odd happened - for one day only the sun came out and the temperature soared to 70 degrees (during an average temp of 35 all month). After wearing winter coats for the last couple of months, I was suddenly standing there in a t-shirt enjoying the warm weather.

So what did I do? I loaded up my helis and headed to the field! It was a perfect day, my Wife came out with me and we met a flying buddy out there. I buddy boxed my Wife as she flew her T-28 around (she's still learning), and I got to fly my freshly completed Chaos 600 around (look for the review real soon!). As the sun was setting I just wanted to hang out there all evening, it was bliss.

When we got home I excitedly told my Wife that I was going to charge up my batts again and try to head out through the week. She just looked at me and gave me a sad little smile, "Honey.." she said, "its going to be an average of 36 degrees this week.....".

Oh well, I've had a taste of spring and I can't wait until it comes back!
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1 Attachment(s) Patiently waiting out the weather...
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 01-28-2011 @ 03:30 PM / 51,957 Views / 4 Comments / Reply
Everything is ready to go, but the weather is just not co-operating. If it isn't snowing/sleeting/raining, the wind is blowing over 20mph. Oh well, there is bound to be at least one decent flying day some time soon..... right?
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