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Car Accident Attorney Texas
Link / Posted by andunathan / 12-10-2014 @ 02:02 AM / 330 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
There is no better time to purchase shading equipment than at the end of the summer, because products like Zip-screen, Levegg or Car Accident Attorney Texas Parasoller are sold with great discounts after the season ends.
Spambots suck!
Discussion / Posted by DismayingObservation / 05-30-2014 @ 11:00 PM / 6,210 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
To paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow, I go away for a little while and everything goes to pot!

Looks as if Crackroll has been overrun by spambots.

Wonderful. In fact, I just did a blog entry which poked fun at one of the miserable things. The English was so badly mangled as to be laugh-out-loud hilarious. So, when handed lemons...


...make lemonade!
One Flight
Discussion / Posted by KasiEM / 10-24-2013 @ 09:53 AM / 14,811 Views / 3 Comments / Reply
Hello everybody! It's funny how perspective can change the meaning of anything. When I first began working for Esprit Model I was only 19, and not a hobby enthusiasts. I started off in the shipping department packing up orders. My dad had been in the hobby since he was young so I knew a tiny bit about the some of products we sold, but not enough to be considered knowledgeable by any means. Having worked here on and off between my college years, I've slowly built somewhat of a knowledge base, but never really understood the desire to stand outside on a hot day looking up at the sun, with the strong possibility of sending several hundred, or even thousands, of dollars directly in to the ground, until my first flight.
As the Marketing Coordinator, one of the amazing opportunities I was given was to work our booth at IRCHA 2013. It was ASTOUNDING. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting people, watching the demos, and seeing all the items people had to display, however I still didn't truly understand it. One night at IRCHA, when the crowd had settled down, a co-worker handed me a radio and said "We are going to get you flying." Nervously I took the radio, and the addiction was born. When I took those sticks in my hand, I did not do much more than crash, but this desire to keep it in the air longer and longer each time had appeared. I realized that the addiction, (at least for me) came from the desire to keep challenging myself. What more can I do? What is it like to fly something else? What can new technology allow me to do?
I am still learning on a small quad and I hope that one day I'll move up to larger aircraft, but now I can say I get it. I get that feeling. I get the desire. All it took was one flight.
1 Attachment(s) Hello Crack Roll!
Announce / Posted by KasiEM / 10-04-2013 @ 11:04 AM / 14,884 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Good Morning Crack Roll World!
I am Kasi from Esprit Model. Esprit Model is an importer and distributor of high-quality and precision crafted, flying models. Our range of models starts from simple Parkflyers to Fun-Fly models then up to very complicated and beautifully made scale models.

We are always trying to bring the market the latest and greatest the world has to offer. We do regular visits to oversee trade shows to find the latest designs and to ensure only the best quality is offered to our customers in all price ranges.

My hope is to keep everyone here in touch with us here at Esprit Model, from new products we are offering, fun contests we are running, what planes and helis we are flying, or crashing :) , and anything else you may want to know.
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2 Attachment(s) Get new Brushless digital servo,cool
Discussion / Posted by Rio Bassi / 06-05-2013 @ 06:47 AM / 17,790 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
My friend just get two giant servos, with brushless motor, high torque, arrived on large flyer...
really cool:cool::cool:
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A bit overdue, to be sure.
Discussion / Posted by DismayingObservation / 05-11-2013 @ 11:38 AM / 18,868 Views / 1 Comments / Reply
You know, I've been a member of this site for a long time, but since I spend most of my time at RCGroups doing product reviews under the same screen name, I don't get over here very often.

Hoping to change that.

CSpaced does one heck of a job editing and maintaining this site and it deserves the love and attention all of us model aviation nuts can lavish on it. He's been kind enough to link to virtually all of my RCG helicopter reviews and both sites benefit as a result.

That said, I have to share a great experience from last week which I blogged about on RCG.

My best friend of 35 years was in town and I brought him over to the R/C club. He had a blast since he'd never seen model aircraft in flight before and since it was the club's Founders' Day celebration, models were not in short supply.

Some of the most fun I had was demonstrating the HK 450TT Pro I'd reviewed for RCG. Ditto when I showed him the fun and easy-to-fly Heli-Max 1SQ quad. The wind was a bit of an issue, but oddly enough, the 450TT was more affected than was that tiny quad!

In any event, it's nice to be back and I'm looking forward to contributing!
FPV System
Help! / Posted by ANDYjuice22 / 04-24-2013 @ 10:23 AM / 18,715 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Hi! I am looking for a 1.3GHz FPV System. I am going to need to get it by this weekend for my new job! I had already checked Ready Made RC but they were out of stock on everything. I was wondering of anyone knows any other sites that I can trust.

What I am looking for is something with a 1-2 mile range, it can transmit and receive a 720p video quality, and it wont break up too bad when I fly around trees.

I am getting the FatShark Attitude SD Video Goggles.

If anyone can help me with finding a website or even recommending a transmitter, receiver, and antenna that would be great!

Thanks in advance!:)
RC Helicopter Gyroscopes
Discussion / Posted by joywilkins / 03-11-2013 @ 03:38 AM / 20,321 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Gyroscopes have completely revolutionized the RC helicopter industry. Before gyroscopes, RC helicopters were about as accessible as a Las Vegas club when you aren't wearing dress shoes. It took ages to learn to fly them properly, and about a million helicopters were broken in the process. Thankfully, now that we have gyros, it is possible to have a beginner helicopter that is easy and enjoyable to fly.

Gyros on RC helicopters are, funnily enough, not actually gyroscopes. They are more like accelerometers. How they work is very complicated, especially now that they are electrical instead of mechanical, but they perform one essential function that makes flying an RC helicopter much, much easier.

Yaw is a rotation to the left or right in a helicopter. Gyros detect yaw, then send a signal to the tail rotor in order to correct it. So if a gust of wind causes a helicopter to spin right, the gyroscope will correct this and dampen the amount of movement. This is very important, as it means trim adjustment basically only needs to be locked in, and then can usually stay in the same position.

There are two kinds of gyros when it comes to RC helicopters: heading hold and yaw rate. Early mechanical gyros were yaw rate gyros. This meant that they didn't completely correct, so if a gust of wind hit the tail it would still move it, but just much slower and in a way that makes it easier to control.

Heading hold gyros are what now come on most standard coaxial gyro helicopters. Heading hold gyros will actually hold the helicopter in the correct position. If a gust of wind hits the tail, the helicopter should ideally stay in the same position. This makes flying so much more straightforward, because the helicopter actually does what the pilot tells it to.

Heading hold gyros work by detecting the change in yaw then calculating the exact number of degrees the yaw has changed. It then sends a command to the tail rotor servo for that exact number of degrees and corrects. The tail does not move at all and the only changes in yaw are ones issued by the pilot.

When flying an RC helicopter, the rotors are constantly losing power because the battery is dying. Without a gyro this means that trim needs to be constantly adjusted. With a gyro this is not a problem at all and trim usually only has to be adjusted once before flying.

Kudos to all those who flew RC helicopters before the advent of gyros, it must have been tough. Thankfully today gyros are available standard on many hobby grade helicopters, and separately for those building helicopters. Beginners can now learn proper flying techniques in a much less harrowing situation.

One example of an excellent coaxial gyro helicopter is the Phantom S107. The Phantom is a micro helicopter, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It also comes with a USB charger and can be charged from any computer or laptop. The Phantom S107 handles incredibly well, with almost robotic precision.
3 Attachment(s) New Fleet Addition - Goblin!
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 07-02-2012 @ 07:49 PM / 51,371 Views / 4 Comments / Reply
I've been looking forward to this one for a long time, and I'm just about 99% finished building my new Goblin 700! I still have a few small things to do, but it's pretty much finished.

Here's what I'm running in it:

SAB Goblin 700
KDE Direct 700XF-495
Castle Creations OPhoenix ICE 2 HV160
Futaba CGY750 Gyro
Futaba R6203SB Receiver
Outrage BL9180 Cyclic Servo
Outrage BL9188 Tail Servo
2 Cell 7.4v 2200mah Lipo on receiver (HV Setup)
Perfect Regulators Duo Switch

I'm going to be running some 40c 5000mah skylipos until I can get something else, and I can't wait to get it in the air! More pics and video to come once I get some stick time on it!

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Selected Fuel Parts of Gasoline RC for Blue Complex
Cool / Posted by Alanalice / 06-15-2012 @ 04:29 AM / 27,815 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Fuel Parts with Blue Color

Have you ever noticed that there are many things around us are in the color-Blue? Naturally just as the blue sky &blue sea; there are also many official marks are painted in blue; R&B, it is also a blue culture. Psychologically, the color blue makes people feel calm and relaxed; it can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly.

Your feelings about blue can deeply be personal and are often rooted in your own experience or culture. But if you are blue lover, here we present you a blue world of RC hobby.

Now you are enter a Blue Blue Blue world

*Fuel Filter Blue Color

*Fuel plug Blue Color

*Fuel Pump Blue Color

*Power Switch with Fuel Dot Blue Color

*Fuel Line For gas engine Blue Color

Blue, the color of nature, people come with a synesthesia from the sea and the sky is the same remote, as a result, the eyes of the world, the simple blue have a kind of elegant and refined temperament. Anyway, Hope you love the Blue RC hobby we selected for you.
Orvillecopter, Value Increases 10-Fold As The Outrage Surged
Discussion / Posted by Alanalice / 06-07-2012 @ 04:06 AM / 27,921 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
There are many DIY genius of flyer, and the masterpiece came out in perfect built and is usually fly wonderful, especially those fly by remote controlled. recently just at the beginning of june,2012,the most valuable DIY flyer is Orvillecopter

Orvillecopter, is a work of art transforming a dead cat into a remote controlled helicopter, and was presented at Amsterdam's KunstRai art fair.

Orvillecopter were created by Dutch artist Bert Jansen after his pet Orville was killed by a car. According to media reports, Jansen kept Orville's body in a freezer for about six months, before taking him to a taxidermist and attaching a plastic propeller to each of his four paws. Then he put a remote control engine inside the stomach of the cat, and after a few false starts, the "Orvillecopter" achieved lift-off. It did take Jansen a while to get his Orvillecopter to work, as a series of YouTube videos shows. But after a few engine updates and a new speed controller, the Orvillecopter was in good flying form,you can check video on youtube.

The flying cat, has also been heavily criticized by Dutch animal lovers, and has surged by almost 10-fold after generating both headlines and criticism worldwide. In Jansen's case, it was reported that he decided to turn Orville into an aircraft because his pet cat and its brother Wilbur, which is still alive, had been named after the Wright brothers Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright who invented and built the world's first successful plane.

In my opinion, Criticism can’t stop DIY genius creative awesome flying model, after Orvillecopter, there will comes more cat helicopter or hovercats, LOL!

Read More:
New 1270mm T28 Trojan EPO Foam Warbirds
Discussion / Posted by Alanalice / 05-31-2012 @ 06:24 AM / 27,331 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
The aviation’s genuine classics models just mentioned in my prior post, it is the Dynam 1270mm T28 Trojan EPO Warbirds. Let’s analysis for there are so many people buy this EPO Warbirds, and this is also the fun of this T28 Trojan

Retracting the Landing Gear
Sweetest feature of Dynam T-28 Trojan is retracting the Landing Gear, I Would like to share a Retracts demo from Dongskie

Park Flying
Many pilots regard this scale T28 Trojan as trainer/sport plane. Yeah, actually some of them buy this for park flying, because they too busy to the flying field, so this makes this T28 Trojan to be a great gift.

Aerobatic Capable
This is a great looking model that is aerobatic capable and will be just as happy performing as a sport plane as it will a scale model, tough, practical, well equipped and cheap to put in the air, the ideal all rounder! It is slow, but some of those enthusiasts of T28 Trojan can push the Dynam Trainer to faster speeds of up to 50 mph! Performance improved again

This scale T-28 Trojan Warbirds made from a high strength EPO-foam for added durability. Powered by a high powered 850KV electric brushless motor and an 11.1v li-poly battery pack that provide up to 20 minutes flight between for each charge.

grey t28

There are SIX VERSIONS of T28 Trojan on SDSHobby.net

T28 Trojan EPO Red With Retract Landing Gear Left Hand Throttle Ready To Fly 2.4G RC Brushless Version

T28 Trojan EPO Red With Retract Landing Gear Right Hand Throttle Ready To Fly 2.4G RC Brushless Version

T28 Trojan EPO Grey with Retract Landing Gear Almost Ready to Fly Brushless version (W/O Remote Control and Battery and Charger)

Get More version go and visit sdshobby
When Real Aviation Airplanes Come into RC Foamies
Cool / Posted by Alanalice / 05-29-2012 @ 05:35 AM / 28,280 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Any small scale representation of a full size airplane is considered to be a model airplane. A number of different varieties of model airplane exist for many different purposes: some are simple plastic models made to be showcased on home mantelpieces, while others are gas or battery powered versions that can actually fly. Today we talk about those are battery powered versions which can fly via remote control.

The yellow Piper J-3 Cub, Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II, T-28 Trojan and Meteor 70MM EDF are the aviation's genuine classics.

I. Piper J-3 Cub (1200mm)

There was a time when the general public thought that every airplane flying was either a DC-3 or a Piper Cub. More than 20,000 Cubs were built between 1937 - 1947, and for years after that it was the most commonly seen airplane at airports all over the country. Forgiving flight characteristics, light wing loading, and hands-off stability made it perfect for America's weekend pilots. The Cub design is ideal for R/C flying and makes an excellent first-time project.

Wingspans: 1200mm (47in)
Overall Lengths: 1010mm (40in)
Wing loading: 40.5g/dm2
Flying weight: 1150g (40.6oz)
Servos: 9gX4
ESC: 30A
Motor: KV850 Brushless Outrunner
Materials: EPO

II. Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II (1080mm)

The Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II also known as the Warthog is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft designed to provide close air support of ground forces. It was the first USAF aircraft designed exclusively for close air support. The Dynam A-10 has superb maneuverability even at low speeds and altitude; this is due to its large wing area, high wing aspect ratio, and large ailerons. This design also enables short takeoffs and landings, allowing it to operate from the smallest and most basic airfields. This model gets power from two Electric Ducted Fan Motors and it comes 90% Ready to Fly. All Servos, receiver and other electronic are preinstalled from factory. Like all the planes in the Dynam range, the Dynam A-10 is finished in the factory to a high standard and represents an excellent replica of the real aircraft.

III.T-28 Trojan (1270mm)

Wingspan: 1270mm
Fuselage Length: 1000mm
Wing loading: 50g/dm2
Flying weight: 1350g
Servo: 9gX4
ESC: 30A
Motor: KV850
Material: EPO
With Retract Landing Gear

IV. Meteor 70MM EDF (910mm)

Dynam Meteor is a High Speed 70mm EDF Sport Jet. The airplane is constructed by EPO and it is Pre-Painted from the factory. All servos, receiver, 70mm Fan and the ESC are Pre-Installed on the model. This airplane is designed for High-Speed flying with a powerful Brushless Electric Ducted-Fan. The Fan Unit is very well constructed for High-Performance flying. This model is absolutely one of the fastest EPO DF-Airplanes in the Market. The RTF version comes with 2.4GHZ radio, Receiver, 70mm Brushless EDF, 60A ECS, Servos, 4S 2600 Li-Po and Li-Po charger. The PnP version comes include everything you need to fly the model Except Transmitter and Receiver. The Building time is around 45 min

These RC Foam electric airplanes are constructed by EPO, EPO is durable, flexible, lightweight, and adhesive-friendly foam.The EPO foam is a great all-around performer for your airplane.

There are more classical models such as cessna 182,cessna 550,pitts model,skybus,sitfire,extra 330,p51 mustang... you can check all of them on sdshobby.net. No matter you want to buy the kit or ARF model, color in blue or red,left or Right Hand Throttle, SDSHobby all supply the best service and best price for you.
New Designed Wing Bag for RC Airplanes
Cool / Posted by Alanalice / 05-23-2012 @ 06:00 AM / 28,132 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
There are many airplane enthusiasts-RC pilots carry the wings of their aircraft in the car and out to the field with the wing bags or other wing carrier. It looks like this has been a fashion just before they start flying. Wing bag is indeed a great way to protect your aircraft.

Purpose of using wing bags:
Protect your valuable wing panels!
Keep it clean and organized!
Easy to carry in the car or out to the field!

Featured of KUZA Pro Protection Wing Bags:
The wing bags here are new design!
Wing Bags with optional Shoulder straps.
Hanging the wings on a wall is OK.
Full zipper lets bag to open flat to allow easy storage and removal of wing panels.
Bags for single or double piece R/C airplane wings are available.
Wing Bags with optional size for different scale planes.
Bags made with the quality that you deserve but are still extremely affordable

Hundreds of wing bags just fill in stock in 2 colors( Blue, Yellow),price are very reasonable according to size (15CC to 150cc)of your aircaft( us$24.67~70.92).This is absolutly a great investment for its practical and low price, if you need more fashion designed wing bags for other RC model likes Biplanes, Jets, Gilders, and Sailplanes or RC car, please contact us.

Enter Our Site
SDSHobby HD Video Guide: How to Use the New Min Power Box Bec
Mini-HowTo / Posted by Alanalice / 05-21-2012 @ 11:43 PM / 26,652 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Min Power Box Bec

Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for gas plane with 30A UBEC

Produce features:
 Double power input to improve the stability of power supply, which can effectively avoids the accident cause by poor contact of a single block of power batteries.
 Compared with the traditional mechanical switch integrated electronic switch has a higher security and stability.
 Input / output voltage display switch
 Nine channels for input, and sixteen channels for output.(every one channel input with two channels output ), one channel CDI remote flameout switch.
 Integrated CDI remote flameout switch, making flying safer
 Independent CDI power supply socket. Receiver power completely separates with the CDI power, so you should not worry about that CDI arouses high frequency signal will interfere the receiver.
 Integrated 30ABEC ( MXA: 40A ) using linear regulator makes the power pure, which can provide sufficient current to the actuator.
 4.8-9.7V output voltage, to adapt to a variety of high and low voltage actuator.
 Independent 5V linear regulator which provide a separate pure working power supply to the receiver.
 Five leds display the distribution board’s working states.
 Special place is designed for receiver to avoid the accidental from bombing damage in receiver.
 Optional voltage meter of the distribution board can display real-time input/output voltage

How to Use the Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for gas plane with 30A UBEC

watch video here:

Technology parameters:
 Working voltage: 7-13V
 Steering current, voltage :0-30A ,4.8-9 .7 V (factory voltage is 5.2V)
 Weight: 80g
 Volume:116mm(long)*88mm(wide)*13mm(height)
 Working temperature:-20℃ to 85℃.

Function description:

CDI signal states of the power supply:

The green light on:Voltage above 4.8V
The green light flash: 4.5V-4.8V
The red light on:4.2V-4.5V
The red light flash:Voltage below 4.2V
SDSHobby Exclusive Sale:Conversion Kit for 30-35CC RC Gas AirPlane Convert to Electri
News / Posted by Alanalice / 05-17-2012 @ 03:18 AM / 26,156 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Converted to Electric Airplane, yet the best Conversion component now Exclusive Sale on sdshobby.net

Application Fields:
Special made for 30-35CC gasoline airplane converted to electric airplane.
3inch spinner are designed for the general 30-35CC airplanes.

Basic Equipment for the Conversion Combo Kit:
* Motor: 6350 370KV Brushless motor
* ESC: Brushless 100A (without UBEC output)
* Spinner: Carbon Fiber Spinner 3inch, 1pcs
* Electric Prop: Wood propeller 20*8 inch
*Servo: Digital Servo 60g/9Kg Torque* 3pcs,
Digital Servo 25g/4Kg Torque * 2pcs, (for elevator)
* Servo Arm: metal arm*5pcs
* One Set Mounting Post for Motor
*One Set Banana Bullet Connector: ¢3.5mm*3 pairs, ¢6mm*2 pairs

Why Converted model with gas engines to electric motors?
*There are a lot more kits designed for gas power than for electric power. Face it!
*Nearly any gas plane can be converted to electric power effectively. That’s Fine!
*There are many pilot have been flying and building radio controlled airplanes, helicopters, boats and cars for near half life. I have been specifically building and flying electric airplanes for over 10 years. Latest interest, follow it!
*This has been more realistic to do lately because of the huge leap in battery technology and it has been a very fun way to still make balsa kit planes from scratch, but not worry about any gas problems. Trust it!

Here's an idea of what to look for:
Type of plane: Any plane with 'plenty of wing' makes an excellent choice for conversion since the wing loading will still be reasonable even if the plane turns out a little heavy. If the plane will fly at high speeds (i.e. a sport-aerobatic design or pylon racer), a low drag design is desirable. Simply put, an effective electric plane is one that flies nicely at 1/3 to 1/2 throttles.
Type of construction: Most gas planes are hideously overbuilt. Many popular 'easy to build' kits make use of heavy plywood fuselage sides etc where it is not needed or wanted in an electric. Some kit designs are better than others.
If you have a basic understanding of how model planes work, this process is straightforward. It is important that you understand the basics of power-to-weight ratios and balance points

It's obviously can sure that there are some Gasoline Airplane excellent choice for conversion, one of them is the classical sbach 30-35CC Gasoline airplanes, and sdshobby make a another deal for rc model enthusiast-- Conversion Combo Kit for 30-35CC Gasoline Airplane Sbach Series Converted to Electric Airplane
New Design RC Eagle Kite on Hobby Expo China 2012
Discussion / Posted by Alanalice / 05-15-2012 @ 04:10 AM / 26,951 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
RC Eagle Kite is pretty much what it sounds like. That is, a kite shaped like a big eagle fitted with RC (radio control) receiver and pulled through the air with a propeller. In structure, it has a lot in common with kites and yet it is flown around like an RC plane.

Flying objects created from eagle in the past is constructed of carbon fiber has an angle of the wings right to exploit the wind. That is still enjoy an enthusiastic following today, particularly in the U.S. .But today the New Style RC Eagle Kite we recommend is sure the Most Realistic RC Eagle

New Style RC Eagle Kite is just the best expose on Hobby Expo China 2012, and well, my first reaction to this flying object is “That really looks like fun”

So what exactly can an RC kite do? It can...
*Float around like a glider, with the motor idling
*Perform all the basic aerobatic maneuvers like a light aircraft
*Hang on the prop' in hovering or very slow flight, nose high in the air
*Zip around pylons like the Red Bull racers
*I should add, only a well-trained pilot can do all the above!

Here is a few basic specs &Features of this New Style RC Eagle Kite:
*Wingspan: 2060mm
*Length: 740mm
* Wing area: 93d㎡
*Flying weight: Approximately 645g
* Control distance: 500m-800m
* Fuselage & wings: Bamboo wood & Textile

*Nice appearance. High scale appearance and beautiful painting, Most Realistic RC eagle!
*Environment friendly material and Durable, lighter structure.
* Wings and Motor mount is removable and foldable, Very convenient to carry.
* Easy to control and fly, Easy to learn and control
*Excellent gliding performance
Particularly suitable for flying at the hill, grassland, field and park etc…

The New Style RC Eagle Kite is NOW available and on sale at SDSHOBBY for the most low price. (ARF for us$ 125.83; RTR for us$ 166.67, hand throttle are optional), it is sure this Most Realistic RC eagle kite will spread a lot of pleasure to both the fliers and those looking on.
SDSHobby.net-- Scale RC Models Super Store
Announce / Posted by Alanalice / 04-28-2012 @ 05:23 AM / 26,331 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Looking for radio control (RC or R/C) airplanes, boats, cars, helicopters, or Quadcopter? How about endless amounts of radios, engines, servos, parts, accessories, and upgrades? Want a new and improved scale buggy, faster car, power engine for airplane or controller? More interested in real RC hobby rather than general hobbies? If so, you've come to the right place!

Giant RC Models Super Store

SDSHobby.net is the one top shop for all your ideal Radio Control,RC Model Airplane, RC Model Boat, RC Model Helicopter. We carry all the top name-brands in the industry with the Best Products...Great Prices...Reliable Worldwide shipping... Why shop anywhere else?

Radio Control Airplanes

Our product line consists of both Electric Powered and Gas/Nitro Powered Airplanes. With both, we stock a wide variety of different Beginner Level Planes, Plug entry level Airplanes, Airplane Kits, ARF - Almost Ready-to-Fly Airplanes, and RTF - Ready-to-Fly Airplanes. We not only offer all the different Planes and Kits, but we have the parts you'll need to star flying. Click RC Airplanes to see all the different items we have available. If you already know the Brand or Manufacturer of the parts you're interested in, just enter their name into our Store Search at the top-left of this page and click Go. Some of our popular RC Airplanes and Parts Manufacturer's include Skylark, Esky Nemo EPP, Mirage 2000, Combo Sbach, Combo Mxs-R, Combo Edge, Combo Yak, Pitts S12, EDGE-540, PHOENIX-2000, and Carbon Fiber Version

Radio Control Boats

RC Boat product lines consist of both Electric Powered Boats and Gas/Nitro Powered Boats. With both, we stock a wide variety of different Boat Kits, ARF - Almost Ready-to-Float Boats, RTR - Ready To Run Boats. To assure you keep having fun with this exciting water-sport, we have your replacement parts and tools like various starting systems, tuned exhaust pipes, water pumps, fuel line, propellers, manifolds, rudder assembly pieces, and much, much more. Click RC Boats to see all the different RC Boats we have available. If you already know the Brand or Manufacturer of the parts you're interested in, just enter their name into our Store Search at the top-left of this page and click Go. Some of our popular RC Boat and Part Manufacturer's include Rocket, Nighthawk, Piranha, Sea Predator, Yamaha, New Challenger, Osprey, Navigator, Spider, Shark, Blade, Raider, Hurricane, lightning, Fiberglass, Trailblazer, Princess, Queen .

Radio Control Cars

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All above is what will more close to big RC model that I mention,but on such a super store, you will found more funny things at the RC model field, all in all everything you need for your RC models are all found on sdshobby.net. If not, it will arrival soon.
great evening
Discussion / Posted by ksheli / 04-20-2012 @ 10:13 PM / 23,782 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
I got to run my first tank through the x 50 tonight. :D Did a couple of small test hops. And then i just listened to the rotors chop not the most exicting thing ever but in my eyes it was a great evenning.
Discussion / Posted by ksheli / 03-19-2012 @ 01:03 PM / 23,158 Views / 1 Comments / Reply
Finishing up the tail rotor today since bad weather is keeping me on the ground ISA was not bad but i had to make a tough call on the wind and threat of severe storms.:(

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