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Regimens In Spring
Discussion / Posted by Camille Adam / 04-14-2014 @ 12:14 AM / 312 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Maintenance of Liver Is The Foremost

Spring is the beginning of a year. And the maintenance of liver is the foremost in Spring. Therefore, we should pay special attention to liver’s maintenance four seasons in germinal spring season. According to the "Heaven Corresponding" theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine, spring is the most suitable season for liver. So, we should firmly grasp the main line of liver maintening. Proper regimens of Traditional Chinese Medicine should be used to maintain and strengthen the balance of yin and yang of the human body.
Sweet, acrid and warm goods sould be chosen as the main flavors which should be light and delicious but not greasy, cold or sticky hard according to old doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Since human body’s metabolism will accelerat during spring, foods that are both germinal and nutritious should be chosen as more which including Bean sprouts, mung bean sprouts, tofu, tempeh, barley, wheat, dates, lean meat, fish, eggs, peanuts, black sesame seeds, citrus, honey and so on.

Amount of ingested vitamins was inadequate due to the less fresh vegetables in winter. Internal heat that has accumulated for a hole winter needs distributing out, so fresh vegetables such as bamboo shoots, spring leek, rape, spinach, celery, shepherd's purse, malan vegetables, wolfberry head and toon head should be taken more.

Raise Spirit Enough

Human’s mental activities must adapt to the climate’s change. It is in the transitional period that our body will affected by the seasons to the maximum extent. Modern medical research showed that bad mood will lead to poor vitality of liver, dysfunction of endocrine system, decreased immune function, psychosis, liver disease, cardiovascular diseases and infectious diseases. Therefore, we should pay attention to emotional health and keep optimistic and cheerful mood to prevent illness and keep healthy. We should guard against indignant and depression during spring. Get broad minded and optimistic. Make your body relax!

Keep The Mood Comfortable

There is an important acupuncture point in these health tips that is called “Taichong” point. Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that wood is vigorous in spring and the irascibility is vigorous. So it will be easier for us to be angry if you have encountered something went wrong. Higher bilirubin is a saying of Western Medicine which equal to the vigorous irascibility in Traditional Chinese Medicine. And the “Taichong” point is in the junction of the thumb bone and forefinger bone on the instep. We can ping the liver and relieve stagnation by pressing this point in the morning and evening. Maintain a good mood regardless what and how have you encountered then you have achieved the fundamental goals of regimens.

Regular Daily Life

As the spring coming closer, yang qi of human bodies gradually tends to surface and the skin stretches at this time. Supply of peripheral blood circulation and secreted sweat will increase and load of every body organ will also increase. But the central nervous system will play a role of sedation and hypnotization which makes limbs sleepy. Do not covet upping late at this time which is not beneficial for rising of yang qi. We should sleep and get up earlier and take a walk frequently outdoors.

Workout Frequently

Green plants increased in the Spring and the anions in the air will also increase. Exercise under such circumstances can help us improve the physiological functions and healthy level. That is also beneficial to adjusting mood. Therefore, we should do more outdoor activities such as exercise, walking, outing, playing, kite flying, fishing, flowers, jogging, tai chi, rc helis flying, etc to get rid of the stale and take in the fresh and make the muscles and bones stretch. Practice has proved that people who participate in exercise frequently in the Spring always have a strong resistance to streptozotocin disease, quick thinking, not easy to be tired and higher efficiency of work.

Add More Water Replenishment

Strong wind, dry climate and lack of water are characteristics of the Spring we ahould drink more boiled water to add body fluids, enhance the blood circulation and promote the metabolism. Drinking more water may also promote glands especially and the secretion of pancreatic juice and bile which is beneficial of digestion and absorption and exclusion of the waste and can reduce the damage to the liver of metabolites and toxins.

Keep Body’s Warmth

With the arrival of spring, the weather is getting warmer and pathogenic bacteria and viruses begin to grow and reproductive. Moreover, our bodies had been covered for a hole winter and the metabolic function is weak so it cannot regulate body temperature immediately. So, influenza, measles, meningococcal meningitis, scarlet fever, pneumonia and other infectious diseases may happen more easily. If you wear less, it will be more easier to be infected with disease which endanger the health. The middle aged and the aged persons that with high blood pressure or heart disease should pay more attention to weatherization to prevent stroke and myocardial infarction. As the knee is more sensitive to cold feeling so should wear more for your legs.
How to take children flying a kite
Article / Posted by Walter Gropius / 04-11-2014 @ 04:25 AM / 353 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
For thousands of years, people have been very fond of flying kites activities, it can not only raise health projects, but also edify sentiment.
Firstly, how to take children flying a kite
1, let the children know how to choose the kite-flying weather. Spring and autumn are a good time to fly a kite. the weather is similar to play rc aircraft. Before the qingming festival is a golden season to fly kites, because the wind is steady, uniform wind speed which is convenient for kite flying. At the same time, the weather is dry, not easy to damp the kite kite, it is can keep the original shape not easy to damage.
2, tell children flying kites should choose what kind of site. No tall buildings, trees and telephone poles around, the ground is relatively flat and spacious place is a good place to fly a kite.
3, with children flying a kite, make the child to learn the skills of flying a kite. Two people cooperate with each other when you fly a kite. A person take the kite, with the hand seize the central skeleton of the kite, standing on the kite back or side, lifted the kite. The kite slightly tilted forward 5 ~ 10 degrees to run. Another with the right hand take the line turn, right hand to take the kite line and slowly release the line 10 to 20 meters, the line should be taut, by the time the wind is appropriate, people who hold the kite into the air, take the line of people with kites rise of azimuth and the wind, constantly adjust their standing position and the speed and length of the discharge line which make a kite by means of the tension and the wind rushed up to the sky. Take the line of people several times to release the line about 180 to 200 meters on it. Once the kite to fly to the sky went smoothly.
Kite flying is stopped when the recovery line, can't be too hasty to wind down and constantly adjust the orientation of the kite, to follow the adjustment of the wind and the orientation of the kite, slowly turn around the line on the line. Note that don't pull off the line. When the kite is going to fall to the ground, another person to seize the opportunity to take kite, to avoid the kite fell on the floor directly damage.
Secondly, let the children know why the kite can fly to heaven
Why do the kite can fly to heaven contains knowledge of mechanics, we can guide children to explore after flying kites to make the child have a preliminary understanding.
Thirdly, the results are summarized together with their children, to make the kite can fly overhead must master the three basic conditions:
1, we must select a certain wind, sunny weather.The wind is in commonly 3 to 5 is more appropriate.
2, to select a good kite. The inclination of the kite itself must be the wind, also refers to the plane with the foot line kite constitute the "elevation". In general, the two legs of the line is the angle of attack of about 75 degrees, the foot line of the three angles of attack of about 85 degrees is better.
3, there must be a traction from the release point.It is flying the kite kite man to pull. Requires only a few simple materials, coupled with his ability, you can make one of their own kites, the article is small but the benefits and significance of the child is not to be ignored.
fourthly, tell children the benefits of flying kites
1, physical illnesses. After a winter cold, the children's outdoor activities greatly reduced, most of the time stay indoors, easily lead to imbalance of body heat and easy to get sick. The spring is coming, the weather is warmer, the children in sports stretches the physique, in the sun, breathing the fresh air. Not only can improve the body mechanism, also can have the effect of physical illnesses.
2, the prevention of myopia
Kite flying can be effective in preventing myopia, because the best way to let the eye to relax is eyes gazing into the distance, While flying a kite is contrary to the children habits with the eye of activity that can attract children intently staring at the distance. Kite flying can promote ciliary muscle to relax, children should do more like outdoor activities, such as watching planes and flying birds during in the daytime, count the stars at night which can alleviate eye fatigue, have profit greatly to preventing myopia.
3, brain puzzle. Kite flying is also a beneficial brain activity, in the process of dealing with the relationship among kite and wind direction relations, wind speed. Let the children to think. Kites also focus on hands, eyes, brain three party coordination, it is beneficial for children's intelligence. At the same time, mom and dad and the children together to participate in activities to fly kites, to play the game between parents and children feel happy, is very good to promote the development of children's mental and emotional health.
Compared with the children stay at home all day, perform a variety of learning, training, watching TV, there are too many meaning and benefits about flying kites, so please moms and dads cherish this great spring, take your child to fly kite in the blue sky, it will make you and your child feel relaxed and happy.
The structure of the remote control helicopter
Discussion / Posted by Hwkoe / 04-09-2014 @ 09:46 PM / 504 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
The reliability of the power switch in high current work at the same time is also a problem (probably burned)! So, cancel the power switch. So why do some electric model have the power switch? This is because the switch is not in series between power supply and equipment directly, but rather an additional functionality provided by the electronic governor. So the switch function is to ensure that does not supply power to the device when closing but governor itself or with the direct plug in, and have been working and no power, finally still need to remove the power supply.
What is a brush motor, brushless motor, what is the difference between them? Has with brush and brushless motor. Have two brush brush motor (copper brush or carbon brush) is directly by insulating seat fixed on the motor back cover will be introduced to the power supply is negative on the commutation of the rotor, and the commutation device connected on the rotor coil, 3 coil constant alternating polarity with fixed on shell form 2 magnet force and rolling. Due to commutation device and the rotor fixed together, and the brush and the shell (stator) fixed together, motor rotates the brush with phase switcher constantly of friction resistance and heat. So have a brush motor low efficiency loss is very big. However, it also has, simple manufacturing, low cost and its advantages of. Brushless motor as its name implies is no brush! His light resistance mainly comes from the rotation of the rotor and stator contact point, so the general on both ends of the rotor brushless motor used ball bearings to reduce friction. So as not to have a lot of frictional resistance and heat (or actually get hot, just on the heat from the coil resistance loss), has a very high efficiency of more than (80% 90%) and high speed! Commonly used in high power output of the model need, provide unsurpassed strong drive such as the Align Trex and black hawk helicopter 3 d! Although there is a call it the "brushless dc motor", but in fact model using brushless motor is three phase ac motor. Why we can use a common dc power supply to drive him? Secret lies in the brushless electronic governor, we use of his brush with ordinary electronic governor is different!
Remote control helicopter power is provided by all kinds of motor.The power output size is determined by the rotation speed of the motor, and the speed of the motor is controlled by the electronic governor.Control steps are as follows: Level transmitter throttle position through radio signals by plane receiver to receive after decoding, transmitted to a in the gas channel receiver on the socket electronic governor 3 core signal input, governor according to signal to determine the speed at the other end that how much power to the motor of electric supply distribution, to have the function of adjusting speed of the motor. We can put the governor simple as an adjustable resistor (actually more complicated).
Brushless electronic differences. Brushless electronic governor with the brush has the fundamental difference between electronic governor brushless dc power supply. electronic governor will enter into a three-phase ac power, for the brushless motor provides the power supply. KV value of brushless motor is a speed unit is equal to the RPM/V, is every minute of every 1 V voltage gain of no-load speed. What is the inner rotor brushless motor? What is the exterior rotor brushless motor? What's the difference? Inside the rotor is rotor (magnets) turn in the inside of the stator (coil), the structure of the brushless motor with ordinary brush motor. Outer rotor opposite rotor (magnets) outside the set of stator (coil) in turn. Their different mechanical structure determines the different performance. In high rotor speed is generally higher than 2500 kv, but because of the small rotor diameter, torque is small, so usually used in high speed, low torque, can direct drive small diameter propeller or get more torque by appropriate reduction ratio, such as the Align Trex and black hawk rc helicopter 3 d! In contrast to the inner rotor outer rotor speed is not higher than 2000 kv commonly, but the rotor diameter is big, big torque is equal to the inner rotor motor through a reduction ratio greater torque, the vast majority of cases used in the fixed wing aircraft direct drive screw of the large diameter, such as T - 34 special trainer.
Remote control helicopter gyro is very important. It is used to balance the direction of the helicopter, like fixed wing of the rudder. It can automatically control the rc helicopter in the transmitter was given direction instruction, keeping the original direction! Because it is a tiny devices with high sensitive sensor and highly automated, so its price is relatively high. Gyroscope is a lock in the end of the tail, now he works is different from ordinary gyroscopes, simply speaking, he is not only for the moment's large deflection correction force, and for the continued slow small deflection also has strong force of correction, such as constant cross wind, ordinary gyroscope is not have sustained correction ability, the tail will gradually turn to area conditions, in the direction of the wind is blowing the nose, the so-called weathercock effect! Lock tail gyroscope can be continued to the tail servo keep resisting wind correction signal! Another lock tail function in the 3 d of the helicopter flight is indispensable! Lock tail or a lock tail can reflect through the tail servo judgment, if played around the rudder and back quickly, if the tail in the steering gear immediately followed back said it gyroscope working state of the lock tail (some gyroscope can be arbitrary switching between lock and lock the end) or ordinary gyroscopes, if you don't go back to work or slightly back a bit in the lock tail state.
Remote control equipment for the helicopter is very important.But the entry-level models generally use common universal full scale remote control has met the four channels! It is better To directly purchase is complete, and finish debugging, can Fly immediately the RTF version (Ready To Fly) 100% finished product machine! Without special equipment purchase advanced remote control. At the same time variable from helicopters to use different flight patterns. Flight Modes for different for helicopter Flight performance and requirements. Flight mode includes two key parameters: the gas curve and the pitch curve. Different flight patterns by different combination of throttle curve and the pitch curve. General in high-end remote control can provide three or four kind of flight mode, each kind of flight mode has independent throttle curve and the pitch curve, using a special flight mode switch to switch. Usually people defined as Normal (Normal mode, hovering), Idle1 (F3C pilots mode, over the course, somersault and roll), Idle2 (F3D models, 3 d, inverted), Holding (throttle lock mode, autorotation).This feature in a helicopter function of remote control with LCD screen, such as HITEC OPTIC 6 and HITEC ECLIPSE 7 has provided!
Finally, remote control helicopters charging. Commonly used widely in power battery types are nickel cadmium, nickel metal hydride batteries, lithium polymer has been popularized for recently. Nickel cadmium battery and the ability of discharging with large current, high power type can reach more than 15 c discharge ability! But has the memory effect, can be recharged after must be completely discharge, and weight is bigger! Widely used in vehicles, ships in the model.Nickel metal hydride batteries as the ability of discharging with large current, high power type can reach more than 10 c discharge ability! And there is no obvious memory effect, can be recharged at any time, the weight is lighter nickel cadmium battery! Widely used in the model plane or transport model. The two kinds of battery is more convenient, can use ordinary power adapter, approximate calculation methods of charging time for hours (battery capacity/adapter current), the temperature of the battery can charge, battery each full general temperature can reach 40 degrees Celsius. Of course better use automatic charger.
How To Choose A Bicycle
Discussion / Posted by alina wilson / 04-09-2014 @ 03:20 AM / 525 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
The bicycle is powered by a human foot, there are two wheels of land transportation, commonly known as a free car, bicycle, or bike. Since the 18th century bicycle was born, loved by people. Itís the best choice for people to sport and environmentally friendly travel. Bicycle no noise, no pollution, light weight, simple structure, inexpensive, and it is very convenient use and maintenance. It is not only used as the tool of walking and transport goods, but also for physical exercise. Therefore, it is widely used by people. However, people are few know the era of evolution, the name of bicycle inventor and the the evolution of the process. The world's first truly practical bicycle appeared in the early 19th century. Birth and development of the bike has been for hundreds of years. In the course of development, the structure of bicycle has several times significant changes. Every the major changes are the major breakthrough of bicycle design, every major changes are to make the development of the bicycle into a new era. With the development of the society, it is higher and higher for people to require research and profression technology of bicycle product, so how to choose a good and appropriate bike? Let me give you some advice. Riding a bike like playing model aircraft, even though adults and children can play, itís also full of danger, so the important thing is to master some skills and choose a proper bicycle.
The main thing is to pick a bike: one need to look at the frame. Two is the great parts of the bicycle. Three is assembled skill. After these three elements to combine scientifically, it will be a good bicycle.
First of all, the frame. Frame equivalent to the human skeleton, fitted with all kinds of bicycle parts. Frame is composed of iron, aluminum alloy etc, and the length of pipe will affect the characteristics of the bike. For example, a straight line riding good, easy to turn the bicycle, many of these elements come from the frame resolution. Light, fast, flexible frame is one of the goal that people pursued. In order to achieve this goal, each frame depends on the manufacturer's technology. Such as the frame is designed according to the characteristics of the material strength and design , welding technology is mature. These are directly affect the appearance, strength and elasticity of the frame. The more important is painting, good frame paint evenly, and 3-4 layers of paint spray. Don't look down on spray paint, good spray paint can make the bike maintain easily and not easy to rust. If you do not use the requirements of the above frame to loading, it is possible to produce unqualified bicycle, which can not straight line and difficult to turn.
Second, the parts. Mounted on a variety of chassis parts has its own role, for example, the brake make the bicycle stop and safety; Pedal is for the power to the wheels etc.. The factory which are specialized in produce and sale of these parts is called bicycle parts manufacturer. The famous parts manufacturers develop new products every year, which also provide to the major bike manufacturers, and then appear on the market. Briefly speaking that is both light and strong, and better function. For bicycle with these conditions ride easily, safe and convenient. But to reach all of the above conditions, it needs good information. The best is that can participate in the Olympic bicycle competition. All is to choose the best material component whether the function or the quality.
Third, the assembly technology. If good parts are assembled not well, it will like that a inexperience craft-man build the house to make you worry all day, which it will collapse destroyed. So, if you don't want to regret in the future, you should know that these common sense. Such as the transmission, which help people to the maximum horsepower easily out of the tool. Bicycles are commonly used in the city, there are many slopes in the city. Sometimes you ride a bike when they feel their feet suddenly became heavy, their eyes could not judge the slope. At this time, the role of transmission can be fully reflected. If there is one transmission, you will ride easily as long as you change a lighter cycling gear. Of course, the same can be used in the wind. Transmission advantages is that it can help you in the case of poor physical strength and reduce your energy consumption effectively. Such as colds, energy consumption cannot too big, so if you ride easy when selecting the number of teeth on the lighter. And when woman's body is poor, the student tired and the old people can be flexible use of variable speed bicycle. Transmission of several common grade 21s, 24s, 27s. Braking system, Brake system, brake is related to your safety and the safety of others. Brake braking force and braking moment is the main elements of choosing brake, so the operating force is very important. There is a very commonly brake in Japan, except it can be satisfied on rainy days, there will be no noise when braking, and do not repair.
Although the car is also very popular means of transportation, but I still feel that bicycle is the most environmentally friendly transportation. And I really like to ride a bicycle.It has been brought to my memories and happiness. And I still remember the first time I learn to ride a bicycle, I have my own the first bicycle and I play with my friends. Although my age is not great, all memories are still very deep. And I believe that bicycle will continue to development, because the human is a kind of amazing animals. To choose a suitable for your own bike, in the spring of this warm season, a road trip for yourself.
How to Strengthen Science and Technology Education For The Youth
Idea / Posted by melissaa / 04-03-2014 @ 10:03 PM / 1,001 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
In the modern society, science and technology is more and more important. Especially for the youth, they are rising sun. Government has made central tenets. The youth should improve themselves by competitions. For example, remote controlled airplanes competitions are fantastic. We can be powerful gradually.

With the development of science and technology, knowledge has increasingly become the decisive factor to improve comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness. Human resource has become the strategic resource of promoting economic and social development. And the importance of the talent competition in comprehensive national strength competition is becoming more and more highlighted.

The comprehensive national strength competition in the final analysis is a national quality competition. Education plays a fundamental role in improving people's ideological and moral qualities and scientific, especially for the youth.

Strengthening the education of science and technology for the youth is the urgent request to improve the scientific. It also improves the construct innovative country and cultural qualities. However, the socialist modernization construction can be speeded up. Vigorously carrying out science and technology education for the youth is a very urgent and important task. Improving the scientific and cultural qualities is also the main task.

The following are four aspects for strengthening science and technology education for the youth:

First, recognize the importance

Strengthening the education of science and technology is an important measure of character education. Promoting competence education comprehensively is the core target and work of the development of basic education. Science and technology education is a foundation education. And it is also an indispensable important content, which can promote education reform. On the other hand, it is also an important measure to develop the innovative spirit, which can practice the ability of teenagers.

All levels including education, science, technology and the association must emancipat the mind, pay attention to raising awareness, the sense of responsibility, urgency and mission. The work of strengthening the education of science and technology is an important measure of character education.

In this period of current and future, our guideline of the science and technology education is holding the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics. Implementing the scientific concept of development deeply is also held. We can change ideas. We should exploit. We may innovat. We must implement the national education policy actively. We should try to set up the work new system.

Second, the main task

Promoting the comprehensive development of teenagers can improve their innovative consciousness and practical ability. This is the key point. Cultivating scientific spirit and social responsibility is important. We can do it through the concept of scientific development, science and technology development, the growth of education, outstanding scientists. Cultivating their ability to discover problems and to study problems by conducting inquiry-based learning. By scientific and technological innovation activities, we can train ability of selecting topic. We can be independent in study. Through scientific and technological competition(such as remote controlled airplane, robots, electromagnetic), we can cultivate competitive consciousness and team spirit.

To give full play to the role of main channel of school education. Play the functions of education in the basic education of Science, through the implementation of quality education. Promote the reform of science curriculum, teaching contents and teaching methods actively. Strengthen the scientific curriculum teaching target. Improve the quality and level of school science education. We will further arouse the students to learn scientific knowledge and skills. We can carry out scientific research and technological innovation activities of interest.

Carry out various forms of activities of extracurricular practice actively. Conduct activities of scientific education features. Strengthen science and technology education work in rural. Set up scientific education and popular science resource sharing mechanism. These are some specific tasks.

Third, team construction

Strengthen the construction of the school teachers of science and technology. Primary and secondary schools must choose teachers who have strong sense of responsibility and good comprehensive quality. It can establish a coordination mechanism for school science education. It can strengthen training of teachers. It can create good conditions. And we must strengthen teachers out of school and volunteer team. Establishing and perfecting the evaluation expert database of all kinds of science and technology competition is also necessery.

Fourth,conditions to ensure

To strengthen the youth science and Technology Education Leadership is the very important point. The governments should establish the system of related work. Schools must strengthen the education of science infrastructure construction and theory construction. Equipping with the necessary teaching equipment, laboratory equipment, books and reference materials can be colorful.Establishing incentive mechanism science and technology education work is helpful. We must encourage and reward those who have made outstanding contribution to the science and technology for the youth.

Under the correct leadership of the provincial party committee and government, all levels of education, science and technology and the association for science and technology department must pay attentions. We can focus on scientific spirit, innovation consciousness and practice ability. Our aim is to emancipate the mind and to blaze new trails.

In the end, all relevant departments and schools should be based on the views and formulate specific measures combined with the actual.Every elementary school has its features. So these four aspects for strengthening science and technology education for the youth are refered partly. But we must obey the central tenet that raised by governments. With specific measures, the youth should develop in all-around way. The youth is comprehensive, our country will develop and grow up greatly day by day. I am sure that we can be more and more powerful.
How to be an excellent woman
Discussion / Posted by Taylor Swift / 03-07-2014 @ 08:03 PM / 2,558 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
In the old times, our country has produced the Song Qingling, Song Meiling, Deng Yunchao, Yanglan and all who are all beloved woman hero and husband of women. We can call them the excellent women of the men. We usually home girl can not outstanding like the above all, but we can educate our children to become an excellent women like them. The following are ten tips that Yanglan told to the daughters. Hope it is helpful to your own children.

Get into the habit of reading

In the process of interacting with others, talk and training is the most that can conquer someone elseís. You can read some books about society, lives, rc toys and so on. Like reading girl, she must have a calm and a good state of mind. Most importantly, she must speak eloquently, to some extent, she is an elegant and intellectual woman.

Have a taste

Taste is an attitude when a person observe some kind of thing. Different people will appear different versions when face the same thing. To some extent, a personís taste and her temperament complement each other. The level of the taste depends on the discoveries made by the girls in daily life.

Try to find the beauty of life

Donít always remind yourself with the misfortune, you know in this world many people are more unfortunate than you really are. You are lucky as long as you can see the sun, when look up to the sky. One turn itself into a kind, so she can only live herself into a heart cell made by her own. only the positive sentiment will let the life become beautiful. Believe that tomorrow will be better than today, as long as you work hard. The society must be fair, so donít complain about life, otherwise it only can prove that you have no real work efforts.

Make friends with a thinking of good people

To have a purpose to choose friends, contacts in the society is very important, therefore donít make friends easily. However, if you want to make friends, you have to pay your sincerity to them. Others will clear to see whether you are good or bad to your friends. With your sincere to make friends with those who have good thoughts!

Learn to be patient and tolerance

Because some time just because that you care about something , which will make you lose your self-respect and being accused of uneducated woman. Give smile to those who are not friendly, which can let the other side embarrassed and also can give others a generous and considerate good impression. Patience is not cowardice, but the beauty of tolerance. Life will encounter a lot of unfair things, and also meet a lot of people who make you canít accept. We don't try to change others, instead of blaming othersí behavior loudly and angrily, we should keep an understanding attitude and give them a smile. No one will not go to hurt a kindhearted person.

Cultivate a healthy mentality and pay attention to your body

Body is the most important, I believe everyone knows that, but when really start, it is not a simple matter. Girls when in their twenties should have started to pay attention to the dietary. Beautiful appearance, but not every girl has, so making the beautiful appearance become your capital. Beautiful appearance and inner wisdom make an excellent woman.

Love and marriage can be shared

Girls in their twenties will face the pressure of marriage, some would say love and marriage are two different things. A man will marry a woman who can live together, but not a true love; Likewise, a woman will marry a man who can provide a warm and comfortable home, but not their true love. In the face of these comments, as if a lot of people is to get married and get married. Actually ask those sweet couple in the wedding, sometimes we will know that love and marriage can be Shared. The so-called marriage is the grave of love can only say that the two sides don't know how to love. It is believed that when two people decided to get married before, both sides must have feelings with each other. It is just the days after marriage that let love become insipid. Don't get married so complex, believe that every girl is longing for the love. When a girl meet her deep love, we will find that she want to be with him probably no matter rich or poor, even life and death. To find a man who can help you achieve your dream, of course, the best husband. Women do not think that some of the dream of a person can be achieved, or some very good woman want to realize their dreams through their own efforts. However, if a man do, this dream can get very good implementation, especially a men who can provide financial support. A Really good man, will want their own wife to be an ambitious woman, so, if a woman have a dream, a man will fully support. Woman can let her own dream together with him to marry a man, as long as he is willing to help you achieve your dream, which means that he is a man who appreciates you.

The girl want to be outstanding? Remember these words.

Actually, if a girlís face has a temperament and aura, she is more beautiful than to put on a designer, at the same time, you will get more peopleís approval. If you want to have it, you donít even have to spend a dime, only need to pay attention to your temper, correct your own character, purify ideas, and enrich inner; After that you will find out that your talk, attitude and behavior will be branded on a pure and fresh vulgarity tag; Take some energy to cultivate your morality.

Girls in their twenties is a flower, the most beautiful period of the flowering season must remember only to show yourself not to others who will destroy our bloom.

Girls in their twenties is like a cup of green tea, therefore we must leave it to the people who have tastes. Donít let the ignorant person trampled your pure flavor.

Girs in their twenties is like a a piece of blue sky, it is sad, also can be spacious, but, remember, it must have pursuit.
One Flight
Discussion / Posted by KasiEM / 10-24-2013 @ 08:53 AM / 7,627 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Hello everybody! It's funny how perspective can change the meaning of anything. When I first began working for Esprit Model I was only 19, and not a hobby enthusiasts. I started off in the shipping department packing up orders. My dad had been in the hobby since he was young so I knew a tiny bit about the some of products we sold, but not enough to be considered knowledgeable by any means. Having worked here on and off between my college years, I've slowly built somewhat of a knowledge base, but never really understood the desire to stand outside on a hot day looking up at the sun, with the strong possibility of sending several hundred, or even thousands, of dollars directly in to the ground, until my first flight.
As the Marketing Coordinator, one of the amazing opportunities I was given was to work our booth at IRCHA 2013. It was ASTOUNDING. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting people, watching the demos, and seeing all the items people had to display, however I still didn't truly understand it. One night at IRCHA, when the crowd had settled down, a co-worker handed me a radio and said "We are going to get you flying." Nervously I took the radio, and the addiction was born. When I took those sticks in my hand, I did not do much more than crash, but this desire to keep it in the air longer and longer each time had appeared. I realized that the addiction, (at least for me) came from the desire to keep challenging myself. What more can I do? What is it like to fly something else? What can new technology allow me to do?
I am still learning on a small quad and I hope that one day I'll move up to larger aircraft, but now I can say I get it. I get that feeling. I get the desire. All it took was one flight.
1 Attachment(s) Hello Crack Roll!
Announce / Posted by KasiEM / 10-04-2013 @ 10:04 AM / 8,207 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Good Morning Crack Roll World!
I am Kasi from Esprit Model. Esprit Model is an importer and distributor of high-quality and precision crafted, flying models. Our range of models starts from simple Parkflyers to Fun-Fly models then up to very complicated and beautifully made scale models.

We are always trying to bring the market the latest and greatest the world has to offer. We do regular visits to oversee trade shows to find the latest designs and to ensure only the best quality is offered to our customers in all price ranges.

My hope is to keep everyone here in touch with us here at Esprit Model, from new products we are offering, fun contests we are running, what planes and helis we are flying, or crashing , and anything else you may want to know.
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2 Attachment(s) Surprise, the extreme speed can reach to 0.056sec/60į,haha
New Product / Posted by Rio Bassi / 06-24-2013 @ 03:54 AM / 10,664 Views / 0 Comments / Reply

This new series, XQ-S83, designed with our durable steel gears, all aluminium case and impressive brushless motors, even use 300mm Shielding wire.
The extreme speed can reach to 0.056sec/60į, and torque is 118.1 oz.in(8.5 kg-cm) at 6.0V unbelievable, it is so fast!!!

SPECIFICATIONS XQ-S8308D (HIGH SPEED) Application: Ideal for 1/8 or 1/10th Scale On-Road Cars, 600+ size helicopters, UAV, etc.
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Name:	IMG_0375.jpg
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Name:	XQ-S8308D.jpg
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2 Attachment(s) Get new Brushless digital servo,cool
Discussion / Posted by Rio Bassi / 06-05-2013 @ 05:47 AM / 11,285 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
My friend just get two giant servos, with brushless motor, high torque, arrived on large flyer...
really cool
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A bit overdue, to be sure.
Discussion / Posted by DismayingObservation / 05-11-2013 @ 10:38 AM / 12,339 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
You know, I've been a member of this site for a long time, but since I spend most of my time at RCGroups doing product reviews under the same screen name, I don't get over here very often.

Hoping to change that.

CSpaced does one heck of a job editing and maintaining this site and it deserves the love and attention all of us model aviation nuts can lavish on it. He's been kind enough to link to virtually all of my RCG helicopter reviews and both sites benefit as a result.

That said, I have to share a great experience from last week which I blogged about on RCG.

My best friend of 35 years was in town and I brought him over to the R/C club. He had a blast since he'd never seen model aircraft in flight before and since it was the club's Founders' Day celebration, models were not in short supply.

Some of the most fun I had was demonstrating the HK 450TT Pro I'd reviewed for RCG. Ditto when I showed him the fun and easy-to-fly Heli-Max 1SQ quad. The wind was a bit of an issue, but oddly enough, the 450TT was more affected than was that tiny quad!

In any event, it's nice to be back and I'm looking forward to contributing!
FPV System
Help! / Posted by ANDYjuice22 / 04-24-2013 @ 09:23 AM / 12,548 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Hi! I am looking for a 1.3GHz FPV System. I am going to need to get it by this weekend for my new job! I had already checked Ready Made RC but they were out of stock on everything. I was wondering of anyone knows any other sites that I can trust.

What I am looking for is something with a 1-2 mile range, it can transmit and receive a 720p video quality, and it wont break up too bad when I fly around trees.

I am getting the FatShark Attitude SD Video Goggles.

If anyone can help me with finding a website or even recommending a transmitter, receiver, and antenna that would be great!

Thanks in advance!
RC Helicopter Gyroscopes
Discussion / Posted by joywilkins / 03-11-2013 @ 02:38 AM / 14,269 Views / 2 Comments / Reply
Gyroscopes have completely revolutionized the RC helicopter industry. Before gyroscopes, RC helicopters were about as accessible as a Las Vegas club when you aren't wearing dress shoes. It took ages to learn to fly them properly, and about a million helicopters were broken in the process. Thankfully, now that we have gyros, it is possible to have a beginner helicopter that is easy and enjoyable to fly.

Gyros on RC helicopters are, funnily enough, not actually gyroscopes. They are more like accelerometers. How they work is very complicated, especially now that they are electrical instead of mechanical, but they perform one essential function that makes flying an RC helicopter much, much easier.

Yaw is a rotation to the left or right in a helicopter. Gyros detect yaw, then send a signal to the tail rotor in order to correct it. So if a gust of wind causes a helicopter to spin right, the gyroscope will correct this and dampen the amount of movement. This is very important, as it means trim adjustment basically only needs to be locked in, and then can usually stay in the same position.

There are two kinds of gyros when it comes to RC helicopters: heading hold and yaw rate. Early mechanical gyros were yaw rate gyros. This meant that they didn't completely correct, so if a gust of wind hit the tail it would still move it, but just much slower and in a way that makes it easier to control.

Heading hold gyros are what now come on most standard coaxial gyro helicopters. Heading hold gyros will actually hold the helicopter in the correct position. If a gust of wind hits the tail, the helicopter should ideally stay in the same position. This makes flying so much more straightforward, because the helicopter actually does what the pilot tells it to.

Heading hold gyros work by detecting the change in yaw then calculating the exact number of degrees the yaw has changed. It then sends a command to the tail rotor servo for that exact number of degrees and corrects. The tail does not move at all and the only changes in yaw are ones issued by the pilot.

When flying an RC helicopter, the rotors are constantly losing power because the battery is dying. Without a gyro this means that trim needs to be constantly adjusted. With a gyro this is not a problem at all and trim usually only has to be adjusted once before flying.

Kudos to all those who flew RC helicopters before the advent of gyros, it must have been tough. Thankfully today gyros are available standard on many hobby grade helicopters, and separately for those building helicopters. Beginners can now learn proper flying techniques in a much less harrowing situation.

One example of an excellent coaxial gyro helicopter is the Phantom S107. The Phantom is a micro helicopter, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It also comes with a USB charger and can be charged from any computer or laptop. The Phantom S107 handles incredibly well, with almost robotic precision.
3 Attachment(s) New Fleet Addition - Goblin!
Discussion / Posted by CSpaced / 07-02-2012 @ 06:49 PM / 42,749 Views / 3 Comments / Reply
I've been looking forward to this one for a long time, and I'm just about 99% finished building my new Goblin 700! I still have a few small things to do, but it's pretty much finished.

Here's what I'm running in it:

SAB Goblin 700
KDE Direct 700XF-495
Castle Creations OPhoenix ICE 2 HV160
Futaba CGY750 Gyro
Futaba R6203SB Receiver
Outrage BL9180 Cyclic Servo
Outrage BL9188 Tail Servo
2 Cell 7.4v 2200mah Lipo on receiver (HV Setup)
Perfect Regulators Duo Switch

I'm going to be running some 40c 5000mah skylipos until I can get something else, and I can't wait to get it in the air! More pics and video to come once I get some stick time on it!

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Name:	DSC_1990.jpg
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Selected Fuel Parts of Gasoline RC for Blue Complex
Cool / Posted by Alanalice / 06-15-2012 @ 03:29 AM / 22,119 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Fuel Parts with Blue Color

Have you ever noticed that there are many things around us are in the color-Blue? Naturally just as the blue sky &blue sea; there are also many official marks are painted in blue; R&B, it is also a blue culture. Psychologically, the color blue makes people feel calm and relaxed; it can be strong and steadfast or light and friendly.

Your feelings about blue can deeply be personal and are often rooted in your own experience or culture. But if you are blue lover, here we present you a blue world of RC hobby.

Now you are enter a Blue Blue Blue world

*Fuel Filter Blue Color

*Fuel plug Blue Color

*Fuel Pump Blue Color

*Power Switch with Fuel Dot Blue Color

*Fuel Line For gas engine Blue Color

Blue, the color of nature, people come with a synesthesia from the sea and the sky is the same remote, as a result, the eyes of the world, the simple blue have a kind of elegant and refined temperament. Anyway, Hope you love the Blue RC hobby we selected for you.
Orvillecopter, Value Increases 10-Fold As The Outrage Surged
Discussion / Posted by Alanalice / 06-07-2012 @ 03:06 AM / 22,487 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
There are many DIY genius of flyer, and the masterpiece came out in perfect built and is usually fly wonderful, especially those fly by remote controlled. recently just at the beginning of june,2012,the most valuable DIY flyer is Orvillecopter

Orvillecopter, is a work of art transforming a dead cat into a remote controlled helicopter, and was presented at Amsterdam's KunstRai art fair.

Orvillecopter were created by Dutch artist Bert Jansen after his pet Orville was killed by a car. According to media reports, Jansen kept Orville's body in a freezer for about six months, before taking him to a taxidermist and attaching a plastic propeller to each of his four paws. Then he put a remote control engine inside the stomach of the cat, and after a few false starts, the "Orvillecopter" achieved lift-off. It did take Jansen a while to get his Orvillecopter to work, as a series of YouTube videos shows. But after a few engine updates and a new speed controller, the Orvillecopter was in good flying form,you can check video on youtube.

The flying cat, has also been heavily criticized by Dutch animal lovers, and has surged by almost 10-fold after generating both headlines and criticism worldwide. In Jansen's case, it was reported that he decided to turn Orville into an aircraft because his pet cat and its brother Wilbur, which is still alive, had been named after the Wright brothers Orville Wright and Wilbur Wright who invented and built the world's first successful plane.

In my opinion, Criticism canít stop DIY genius creative awesome flying model, after Orvillecopter, there will comes more cat helicopter or hovercats, LOL!

Read More:
New 1270mm T28 Trojan EPO Foam Warbirds
Discussion / Posted by Alanalice / 05-31-2012 @ 05:24 AM / 22,462 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
The aviationís genuine classics models just mentioned in my prior post, it is the Dynam 1270mm T28 Trojan EPO Warbirds. Letís analysis for there are so many people buy this EPO Warbirds, and this is also the fun of this T28 Trojan

Retracting the Landing Gear
Sweetest feature of Dynam T-28 Trojan is retracting the Landing Gear, I Would like to share a Retracts demo from Dongskie

Park Flying
Many pilots regard this scale T28 Trojan as trainer/sport plane. Yeah, actually some of them buy this for park flying, because they too busy to the flying field, so this makes this T28 Trojan to be a great gift.

Aerobatic Capable
This is a great looking model that is aerobatic capable and will be just as happy performing as a sport plane as it will a scale model, tough, practical, well equipped and cheap to put in the air, the ideal all rounder! It is slow, but some of those enthusiasts of T28 Trojan can push the Dynam Trainer to faster speeds of up to 50 mph! Performance improved again

This scale T-28 Trojan Warbirds made from a high strength EPO-foam for added durability. Powered by a high powered 850KV electric brushless motor and an 11.1v li-poly battery pack that provide up to 20 minutes flight between for each charge.

grey t28

There are SIX VERSIONS of T28 Trojan on SDSHobby.net

T28 Trojan EPO Red With Retract Landing Gear Left Hand Throttle Ready To Fly 2.4G RC Brushless Version

T28 Trojan EPO Red With Retract Landing Gear Right Hand Throttle Ready To Fly 2.4G RC Brushless Version

T28 Trojan EPO Grey with Retract Landing Gear Almost Ready to Fly Brushless version (W/O Remote Control and Battery and Charger)

Get More version go and visit sdshobby
When Real Aviation Airplanes Come into RC Foamies
Cool / Posted by Alanalice / 05-29-2012 @ 04:35 AM / 23,485 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Any small scale representation of a full size airplane is considered to be a model airplane. A number of different varieties of model airplane exist for many different purposes: some are simple plastic models made to be showcased on home mantelpieces, while others are gas or battery powered versions that can actually fly. Today we talk about those are battery powered versions which can fly via remote control.

The yellow Piper J-3 Cub, Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II, T-28 Trojan and Meteor 70MM EDF are the aviation's genuine classics.

I. Piper J-3 Cub (1200mm)

There was a time when the general public thought that every airplane flying was either a DC-3 or a Piper Cub. More than 20,000 Cubs were built between 1937 - 1947, and for years after that it was the most commonly seen airplane at airports all over the country. Forgiving flight characteristics, light wing loading, and hands-off stability made it perfect for America's weekend pilots. The Cub design is ideal for R/C flying and makes an excellent first-time project.

Wingspans: 1200mm (47in)
Overall Lengths: 1010mm (40in)
Wing loading: 40.5g/dm2
Flying weight: 1150g (40.6oz)
Servos: 9gX4
ESC: 30A
Motor: KV850 Brushless Outrunner
Materials: EPO

II. Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II (1080mm)

The Dynam A-10 Thunderbolt II also known as the Warthog is an American single-seat, twin-engine, straight-wing jet aircraft designed to provide close air support of ground forces. It was the first USAF aircraft designed exclusively for close air support. The Dynam A-10 has superb maneuverability even at low speeds and altitude; this is due to its large wing area, high wing aspect ratio, and large ailerons. This design also enables short takeoffs and landings, allowing it to operate from the smallest and most basic airfields. This model gets power from two Electric Ducted Fan Motors and it comes 90% Ready to Fly. All Servos, receiver and other electronic are preinstalled from factory. Like all the planes in the Dynam range, the Dynam A-10 is finished in the factory to a high standard and represents an excellent replica of the real aircraft.

III.T-28 Trojan (1270mm)

Wingspan: 1270mm
Fuselage Length: 1000mm
Wing loading: 50g/dm2
Flying weight: 1350g
Servo: 9gX4
ESC: 30A
Motor: KV850
Material: EPO
With Retract Landing Gear

IV. Meteor 70MM EDF (910mm)

Dynam Meteor is a High Speed 70mm EDF Sport Jet. The airplane is constructed by EPO and it is Pre-Painted from the factory. All servos, receiver, 70mm Fan and the ESC are Pre-Installed on the model. This airplane is designed for High-Speed flying with a powerful Brushless Electric Ducted-Fan. The Fan Unit is very well constructed for High-Performance flying. This model is absolutely one of the fastest EPO DF-Airplanes in the Market. The RTF version comes with 2.4GHZ radio, Receiver, 70mm Brushless EDF, 60A ECS, Servos, 4S 2600 Li-Po and Li-Po charger. The PnP version comes include everything you need to fly the model Except Transmitter and Receiver. The Building time is around 45 min

These RC Foam electric airplanes are constructed by EPO, EPO is durable, flexible, lightweight, and adhesive-friendly foam.The EPO foam is a great all-around performer for your airplane.

There are more classical models such as cessna 182,cessna 550,pitts model,skybus,sitfire,extra 330,p51 mustang... you can check all of them on sdshobby.net. No matter you want to buy the kit or ARF model, color in blue or red,left or Right Hand Throttle, SDSHobby all supply the best service and best price for you.
New Designed Wing Bag for RC Airplanes
Cool / Posted by Alanalice / 05-23-2012 @ 05:00 AM / 23,606 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
There are many airplane enthusiasts-RC pilots carry the wings of their aircraft in the car and out to the field with the wing bags or other wing carrier. It looks like this has been a fashion just before they start flying. Wing bag is indeed a great way to protect your aircraft.

Purpose of using wing bags:
Protect your valuable wing panels!
Keep it clean and organized!
Easy to carry in the car or out to the field!

Featured of KUZA Pro Protection Wing Bags:
The wing bags here are new design!
Wing Bags with optional Shoulder straps.
Hanging the wings on a wall is OK.
Full zipper lets bag to open flat to allow easy storage and removal of wing panels.
Bags for single or double piece R/C airplane wings are available.
Wing Bags with optional size for different scale planes.
Bags made with the quality that you deserve but are still extremely affordable

Hundreds of wing bags just fill in stock in 2 colors( Blue, Yellow),price are very reasonable according to size (15CC to 150cc)of your aircaft( us$24.67~70.92).This is absolutly a great investment for its practical and low price, if you need more fashion designed wing bags for other RC model likes Biplanes, Jets, Gilders, and Sailplanes or RC car, please contact us.

Enter Our Site
SDSHobby HD Video Guide: How to Use the New Min Power Box Bec
Mini-HowTo / Posted by Alanalice / 05-21-2012 @ 10:43 PM / 22,465 Views / 0 Comments / Reply
Min Power Box Bec

Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for gas plane with 30A UBEC

Produce features:
 Double power input to improve the stability of power supply, which can effectively avoids the accident cause by poor contact of a single block of power batteries.
 Compared with the traditional mechanical switch integrated electronic switch has a higher security and stability.
 Input / output voltage display switch
 Nine channels for input, and sixteen channels for output.(every one channel input with two channels output ), one channel CDI remote flameout switch.
 Integrated CDI remote flameout switch, making flying safer
 Independent CDI power supply socket. Receiver power completely separates with the CDI power, so you should not worry about that CDI arouses high frequency signal will interfere the receiver.
 Integrated 30ABEC ( MXA: 40A ) using linear regulator makes the power pure, which can provide sufficient current to the actuator.
 4.8-9.7V output voltage, to adapt to a variety of high and low voltage actuator.
 Independent 5V linear regulator which provide a separate pure working power supply to the receiver.
 Five leds display the distribution boardís working states.
 Special place is designed for receiver to avoid the accidental from bombing damage in receiver.
 Optional voltage meter of the distribution board can display real-time input/output voltage

How to Use the Mini Servo Sectionboard Power Box for gas plane with 30A UBEC

watch video here:

Technology parameters:
 Working voltage: 7-13V
 Steering current, voltage :0-30A ,4.8-9 .7 V (factory voltage is 5.2V)
 Weight: 80g
 Volume:116mm(long)*88mm(wide)*13mm(height)
 Working temperature:-20℃ to 85℃.

Function description:

CDI signal states of the power supply:

The green light on:Voltage above 4.8V
The green light flash: 4.5V-4.8V
The red light on:4.2V-4.5V
The red light flash:Voltage below 4.2V

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